Jan ’14

Great news from Resort Management (below) about the opening of new mountain bike trails – from someone who has ridden new trails opened as part of stage one, these are sure to make for fun riding!

Resort Managment is pleased to announce that two of the new mountain bike trails are now open and available for use. These trails are located in the Wombats Ramble area and are the first to be opened as part of Stage Two of our Mountain Bike Trail Development. It is worth stating that the trail contractors – World Trail, have done a fantastic job in incorporating the natural features and scenic viewpoints in the area into the trail design. This is an exciting step forward for the Resort’s Summer activities. Feedback received to date has been resoundingly positive from those who have ridden the trails. One notable source of such feedback came yesterday from none other than UCI MTB World Campion, Paul Van Der Ploeg.

The two trails are classified Cross Country with separate uphill and downhill aspects joining to complete a single loop between Slalom Plaza and Pretty Valley Road. Both trails are accessible from points on Pretty Valley Road, the Aqueduct Trail and Slalom Plaza alongside Last Hoot. The current working trail names of XC 1 and XC 2 are being used in the interim until permanent (and more imaginative) names are chosen.

An official launch event will be held at a date to be advised. FCRM will also make further announcements in the coming weeks on the opening of the International downhill and Gully XC trails, as well as support services to our mountain bike offer.

Further information on the trails is available at www.fallscreek.com.au/MTB.